Cincinnati Headshot Photographer

Mark Denney Headshot Photography Cincinnati Ohio
Mark Denney Headshot Photography Cincinnati Ohio
Mark Denney Headshot Photography Cincinnati Ohio
Mark Denney Headshot Photography Cincinnati Ohio

Why do I need A HEADSHOT? 

In today's world, businesses and people often make decisions based upon their first impressions.

Fair or not, it is vital that you have your best image representing you. A professional headshot communicates that you are a professional

We invest in many things in our life, invest in your first impression.


You are more than just a picture. You have a story and that story begins with us working together to present your best image.

Whether you are an actor or actress, model,  established professional or aspiring applicant, your headshot says a lot about you and your goals.

Impressions are made in a split second and are often impossible to change. Control the impression other have of you. 

Tell your story.


The process is easy and very relaxed. We shoot for as long as we need, then we sit down together and pick out the shots that will change your life.

We will have fun. Having your picture taken is stressful. That does not have to be the case.


Imagine walking out of your session amazed with your shots and with the experience.


Let me help by providing expression coaching and show you tips to look your best.

We will work together to find out what you want in your headshot, then we will find that image that will go on to represent you in your business and personal life. 

We will work as a team and get exactly what you need and want.


"I love working with people to get "that shot". Watching people who begin being nervous, but soon come out of their shell and shine is what it's all about"

- Mark Denney  Owner/Photographer


Mark was AWESOME. I felt so comfortable and had so much fun. Not only was he professional and so talented but was so kind and humble. We got some great headshots and he did it in such a quick and efficient way! I would DEFINITELY recommend him to any actor or professional looking to get photos done. 


                      - Courtney Collingsworth

Oh my gosh, I'm crying ...thank you so much!...I've never been excited to see my pictures before..



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Mark Denney Headshot Photography
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Get your professional headshot in Cincinnati

     We live in a world that operates on first impressions. Right or wrong, if you want to stand out, you need to have a
personal brand. That starts with a professional headshot. No one likes to have their picture taken.
We feel vulnerable, uncomfortable and cannot wait to get out of there. I am just like you
(that's why I like being on my side of the camera).

      I can make you proud of your image.

A professional headshot does more than get you that job, that date or get your boss off of your back. It works
    24-hours a day to promote you.  It can (and does) create confidence; confidence in yourself that

your professional and personal life.

It can change your life.

Don't rely on a poorly lit snapshot (or even worse, a selfie) to represent you.

   This is too important. 

When we team-up together, I will deliver quality to you. I work hard to make you feel comfortable and we
have fun in my sessions. Nothing makes me happier than to hear a client say they enjoyed the session
(that's as important to me as the finished product). Let's work together to create the new you!

     Book your session now and let's create a professional headshot that makes people do a double-take!

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