Your Image is Your Personal Brand

Who Needs A

Professional Headshot?


Actors, Actresses,


Musicians, Creatives or 

People In Need of a new Facebook, linkedin,

or Instagram profile image 

Who Needs A

Professional Headshot?


Job Seekers, Business Leaders, Doctors, Lawyers and Any Professional Who Wants To Portray Confidence and Approachability

Don't Trust Your Image


   Just Anyone




Nothing beats a first impression. Put your best face forward before you even meet with a professional headshot. Decisions get made from first impressions. Be in control of your image.





Rest assured that your image will  convey quality and confidence. Make them look twice! 


Recruiters look at your social media profiles before they meet you. Profiles with Professional headshots get clicks!




your brand


You are in complete control of your image and how you are  perceived. A great headshot communicates confidence and approachability 


Put Aside Any Reservations And Make A True Investment In Yourself




Schedule your session online or call for an appointment.




No limits on "looks" or any arbitrary time limits. We shoot until you get what you want. Together, we will mke you look incredible.





Immediately following your session, we will sit down together and pick out your perfect pictures.



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare for my headshots?

Prior to your session, I will  send you a preparation guide that discusses most of the questions you will have. 

How long will it take for me to get my pictures?


Pictures will  be delivered in 5 business days. If you need them sooner, please make sure to let me know and I will try to make it happen.

What about hair and makeup?

You should come in with your hair done like you would for a job interview. While you probably have a much better sense of how to put on your makeup, upon request I can schedule a make-up artist for your session at an additional cost.

What does retouching mean?

Retouching is the minor editing of the skin and background to remove any abberations or temporary marks. There are no filters applied and the work is done with a light touch.

Do I have to purchase a package?

No. There is no reason to force you to buy something you don't need. We will sit together and go through your images to select the very best ones. We can then discuss retouching.You only buy what you want.

Do you just shoot headshots?


While this is my specialty, I also shoot portraits, professional photographs and senior pictures.

"Wonderful experience. I had my headshot taken  in Cincinnati.  I present a real challenge as I wear glasses. My photographer was extremely patient trying to keep the glare out of my eyes. Thank you again. I have already added this photo to my Linkedin profile."                    - Cathy M.

Totally enjoyed  it. You did an amazing job, very professional."

                 - Monica T.

Mark was very professional and took time to ensure pictures were high quality. He then reviewed all the images with me making sure I was happy with the results. I would definitely recommend him.

                 - Jennifer D.

Client Reviews

Mark, thank you so much for doing an amazing job today!!! I'm not used to liking pictures of myself and I am thrilled  with the ones you took"

                   - Linda M

Mark did a great job on my headshots, very easy to work wit, and I really enjoyed the experience"

                  - Valerie H.

"Great experience. Staff was friendly and very professional"

                  - Monica T.

"Thank you for your professional work on my head shot! You are the Professional"- John B.

Always scary to get your picture taken but I hadn't updated my LinkedIn photo in over a decade. Thought it was about time. Super professional, I want to thank my photographer Mark Denney. What a pro. He took extra care with me after a very long day and personally sent me the photos. I have to say, it was really fun! 

                     - Julie M

"I had a wonderful  time with Mark Denney in Cincinnati, OH.  Thank you for this opportunity"

                  - Angela S.

"Mark is great! The pictures came out fantastic. Definitely recommend him if you need headshots taken or any professional photography" 

- Annie L.

"I'm so happy I came to you for my pics!!! Everything looks perfect!!!

- Anish K.

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