Why Pay for a Professional Headshot?

It's not so much the cost of the headshot as it is what a bad one costs you.

Your headshot, whether posted on your social media sites or on your resume, represents you 24 hours a day. How many recruiters, potential customers or opportunities do you lose by having an unprofessional headshot or worse, no headshot at all?

Take a look at people's social media profile shots. Did they shoot it themselves, doe sit say "take me seriously as a professional"? If you don't invest in yourself why should someone else?

Your social media profile photo should be as important as the presentation you want to make in a job interview. Today, your headshot may be all they see when deciding who gets that interview. Why make "good enough" your lasting impression??

You are a brand, no different that any other company out there. What you put out there means a great deal. If you look professional, that is how the world will see you.

The problem is, You'll never know who decided not to call you because of the image you put out there. Start to look at other peoples' that what you want the world to see as their first impression of you?

Is a professional headshot worth the cost? You are likely going to spend less than $1 a day to have a killer image. If you divide it over two years, which is how long most people will use a great photo of themselves, that's far less than a cup of coffee. Your professional headshot will help you advance your career and grow your business.

So how much does a good headshot cost? Nowhere near as much as a bad one!

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