I am a Cincinnati native and a 28-year veteran of law enforcement. I never thought I would find a line of work I loved as much as being a police officer.
I fell in love with photography many years ago and have worked hard to perfect my technique. I focused on headshot photography because I know how important a first impression is and how powerful a professional headshot can be. Of all the photography genres, headshot photography can be the most important to your life. It makes a difference. I have studied under the best headshot photographers in the world and they still serve as mentors to me. 

My goal is to give you exactly what you need. My satisfaction comes from the pride I see in your face when you look at the best picture ever taken of you!

Let's work together to get you professional headshots in Cincinnati.


Client Reviews

"I used Mark Denney Headshot Photography for my recent professional headshot. I’m so happy I did. Mark is the nicest person you’ll ever meet. Mark’s makes you feel very comfortable, extremely patient and hears to one’s need. Best thing about Mark is – he tries to understand what we are looking for and give’s his input without influencing our decisions. His instructions are clear, convenient and concise. Extremely flexible and his quality is on point. If you are looking for a professional and friendly photographer, look no further. I highly recommend Mark Denney Headshot Photography."

                    -Anish K.


"Mark was very professional and took time to ensure pictures were high quality. He then reviewed all the images with me making sure I was happy with the results. I would definitely recommend him."
                 - Jennifer D.

I loved working with Mark! My pictures were professional and flattering. I would definitely recommend Mark for professional head shots!

"Always scary to get your picture taken but I hadn't updated my LinkedIn photo in over a decade. Thought it was about time. Super professional, I want to thank my photographer Mark Denney. What a pro. He took extra care with me after a very long day and personally sent me the photos. I have to say, it was really fun!" 
                     - Julie M

"Absolutely loved working together and 
the images received!! Mark Denney for sure didn't disappoint at our shoot.."
                    _Reagan N.

"Mark did a great job on my headshots, 
very easy to work with, and I really 
enjoyed the experience"
- Valerie H.

"Mark is very professional and fun to work with during the photo shoot. I was very happy with the headshots he took of me. He was patient, and helpful in teaching me how to look good when posing for headshots. I highly recommend him."
                         _Richard G.

"Thank you for your professional work on my head shot! You are the Professional"
- John B.

"I had a wonderful  time with
Mark Denney in Cincinnati, OH.  Thank you for this opportunity"

"I recommend Mark to anyone who is looking for a great photographer! I felt valued and my time spent at Mark's was really enjoyable. Along with great camera skills and editing abilities, Mark possesses hospitality on a level that makes you feel like a friend rather than a stranger looking for photos. I usually get camera shy, but Mark made me feel comfortable and helped to loosen me up a bit to snap some of the best pictures I've ever seen of myself. Next time you need shots, go and see Mark!"
                         _Zaur Y.

"Mark is very easy to work with, and is professional. If you need headshots in Cincy, he is who you need to go to."
                         _Krissy L.

"Mark Denney is very professional and definitely knows what he is doing. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a high quality headshot. Our session went very smooth and I was able to select which photos I Limed the best. He sent fully edited copies within just a couple of days."
                         _Sarah F.

Mark was AWESOME. I felt so comfortable and had so much fun. Not only was he professional and so talented but was so kind and humble. We got some great headshots and he did it in such a quick and efficient way! I would DEFINITELY recommend him to any actor or professional looking to get photos done.

"Great place to get quality professional photos! The owner was friendly, personable, and very professional. The studio had a very welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. The video tips sent prior to my session were extremely helpful and made for a very smooth and quick session. I was able to look through all the photos before we decided on the final selections and the slight touch-ups yielded exquisite results. Highly recommended!"
                         _Kadori N.